Focus on Clients

Our team is committed to understanding our clients needs, ensuring we provide the right solutions using your methodology while adhering to your policies and procedures.
The following is a list of some of our clients and the services we provided:
The Ohio Attorney General's Office - Migration Support
  • Designed and developed a content migration approach and custom software
  • Migrated existing processes to the new system
Abercrombie & Fitch - Enterprise Architecture
  • Developed Architectural Principles and Strategic Roadmap
  • Provided a deep analysis of existing assets and processes
  • Led the effort to provide master data management for the enterprise
  • Advised on strategy for the expansion of the business into the Asian markets
State Farm - Help-site redesign
  • Provided the lead architect for a team of 80
  • Extremely compressed time line – full project from start up to completion in ten months
  • Coordinated a global workforce in multiple time zones
  • Tutored the development team in the use of the customer’s framework
  • Designed the configuration management approach and delivery process
The State of New Jersey - State wide distributed Content Management Solution
  • Designed a distributed state wide content management architecture
  • Provided highly available fault tolerant design
  • Managed purchasing of equipment and software for solution
  • Oversaw multiple contracts and subcontractors for site inspections, installations, and configuration
  • Negotiated with multiple organizations within the state and various counties to adjust the design and equipment appropriately as a result of detailed requirements gathering
  • Led multiple workshops resulting in a single unified taxonomy across 22 counties
  • Worked with the state’s Curam project management to plan for future integration between the two systems
Southwest Airlines - J2EE-Based Mobile Application Proof-Of-Concept
  • Designed a J2EE Web2.0 solution utilizing Struts and Spring
  • Designed for cross-platform hardware access via a Hardware Compatibility Layer (HCL)
  • Developed POC HCL for Windows Mobile and Android
  • Designed web application to handle disconnected operations
Chartis - DB2 Content Manager Migration
  • Assisted in the development of a migration plan for migrating the production servers to a new facility and upgrading the hardware at the disaster recovery site
  • Validated the build sheets and networking setup with an eye to maintaining the performance and stability of the Content Manager servers
  • Investigated and provided options for utilizing SSL security for all connections to/from the Content Manager servers
  • Investigated the feasibility and performance issues of utilizing cloud storage for archival objects in Content Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb - IRM and Archival System
  • Provided technical requirements for proposed document IRM and document archive system
  • Led in the creation of an RFP for distribution to customer-identified vendors
  • Developed and used custom scoring system for assessing vendor responses
  • Provided technical oversight and assistance during vendor proof of concept sessions
Sears Holdings - Development Process Redesign and Management
  • Completed the redesign of end-to-end solutioning process, focusing on the SA&E discipline incorporating requirements gathering, ROM estimates, business justification and approval, design and development, testing, and deployment
  • Developed a fast-track process for lightweight requirements
  • Worked with Sears Holdings staff to transition ongoing efforts to the new process
  • Utilized the IBM Unified Method, participating in method adoption workshops to define and refine the documentation requirements and templates
  • Acted as liaison between product managers and IT staff, working with the IT architect to refine requirements, develop System Requirements Specifications, estimate work, and negotiate release contents and scheduling
Social Security Administration - Paperless System Redesign
  • Led a development team of 12 in the replacement of a legacy client-server solution with a J2EE thin client solution
  • Designed process flows to capture user interactions with the front end and data flow-through to back end systems
  • Designed transition plan for business process redesign to take advantage of new capabilities
  • Coordinated between the analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment teams
  • Developed a migration approach and software to move 1 40 million documents off the legacy system
  • Coordinated the multi-year effort to implement a phased movement to the new system
  • System supports 65,000 Social Security Administration staff
Social Security Administration - Records Management Design and Development
  • Rearchitected the common library project for consistency and efficiency
  • Assisted in testing IBM Records Management system running on Solaris
  • Adapted code to utilize the iBATIS database persistence framework
Goldman Sachs - ECM Tax Analysis
  • Developed a solution outline using requirements, application model, and architecture model geared towards eventual detailed solution design
  • Developed a document taxonomy and information governance approach for new system
  • Utilized IBM Unified Method Framework in conjunction with business analysts to produce business and technical requirements
  • Developed a methodology to utilize objective third-party analysis of key vendor components in a matrix matched against customer requirements to provide a bias-neutral analysis of vendor suitability. This was critical as IBM was among the list of vendors, and led to a patent award
  • Developed multiple product demonstration flows for vendors to follow to ensure coverage of key requirements
State of Indiana - Eligibility Modernization
  • Managed the installation of a Linux and AIX-based Content Manager environment
  • Managedthe creation of design specifications for the document center
  • Investigated, designed, developed and managed an encryption scheme allowing the use of an external security infrastructure
  • Assisted in the design of the IBM Workplace Forms used as the backbone of the document center, and developed the same forms
  • Responsible for a demonstration project of the utility of Content Manager’s web services
  • Responsible for the specification, design, and development of servlets to provide needed services for forms integration with external systems and the Content Manager repository